Our Company

Select Spanish Food, is the exporter of ‘Cardisan’, a company specialising in legs of hams and cured Iberian sausages, with its headquarters in Guijuelo (Salamanca). With our experience dating back to 1896, we decided to offer our premium products in the international market in 2005.

Our diligent dedication to the traditional production of our hams and sausages became the benchmark for producers of cured meats.

The quality, the driving force behind our daily operations, is guaranteed by the Guijuelo Regulatory Board (based in Salamanca) and by ministerial health inspections, which also confirm the safety of our products.

Why Choose Us?

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    We are one of the best Spanish producers of legs of ham and of cured Iberian sausages derived entirely from acorn feed.Read this article about our business in Poland
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    Our company has been approved to export to the European Economic Community, the United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil.
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    We pride ourselves in our modern facilities and our factory, which was newly constructed in 2003.
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    Above all we have the very best team, at your service.

Our History


From a Salamancan family tradition of producing legs of ham and sausages, ‘Cardisan’ is born.



‘Cardisan’ renews all of its facilities and its factory in order to adapt to more demanding safety and hygiene regulations. ‘Cardisan’ provides a traditional answer to these modern times.



‘Cardisan’ founds its exporter Select Spanish Food in order to offer its premium products in the international market.

  • The careful selection of our raw materials, the diligent preparation and production, the most stringent and extensive hygiene processes, the dedication and commitment of our employees… these are what guarantee our products are of the very best quality: Our hams and sausages are the superior choice. Thank you for trusting in us.
    Vicente Calama, Director of Select Spanish Food